Horse Wedding

Estelle & Kévin

After having celebrated the birth and first birthday of their little Angèle, what could be more logical than having their wedding !

Knowing Estelle’s love for her horse, I had no doubt that he would be there that day ! And I wasn’t mistaken 😉

So let’s meet at the Château de Puyferrat in Saint Astier for Estelle’s preparations … What calm, not a sound ! At the same time Estelle is a very calm person…

Unlike Kévin ! For whom I couldn’t even make the preparations because he was stressed as he was, he did everything without waiting for me ahahahah

After a discovery on the magnificent staircases of the Château, here we are in the outdoor park to take photos with their horse !!! I won’t hide from you that this naughty horse sometimes wanted to eat our bride’s bouquet !!

Then comes the time of the ceremonies with a remarkable arrival of our bride on horseback ! And our groom in a convertible 😉

Okay a few more jokes 🙂 The bride who lies down on the ground in the street in her beautiful white dress ^^ or the bride who runs out the church during the ceremony to play a joke on her husband …

Well fortunately no more jokes during the cocktail. Everything happens in emotion, speeches in laughter and tears …

The sun finally sets and an incredible light envelops us ! Quickly , let’s move away and enjoy this beautiful light for couple photos

Our couple having had a few drinks, no more stress and room for laughter, complicity and love .

So fan of sharing these sweet moments with you!

A Wedding in the countryside

Stacie & Jérémy and their house in the countryside

Stacie is an incredible woman… Much more than just a bride…

A crazy life journey, boundless energy, so when she told me that she wanted to have a ceremony in their forest then the cocktail in her garden … It didn’t surprise me…
A wedding in the countryside, I really love it, I’m already looking forward to the sunset in the wild grass of the meadow next to their house

So we found ourselves in front of the town hall of this small town in Dordogne (Faux)

Then we left for the ceremony in their “palmobiere” , in their forrest…

The brother of the bride absolutely insisted on taking us to a completely lost place for couple photos … We honestly had a good laugh because the place was neither beautiful nor accessible …

I’ll let you discover her talents as a decorator, , her two dresses (because yes she gave us the big surprise of changing our dress) and her overflowing madness..

And It shouldn’t be said but her cousin is a famous singer in France and elsewhere but shhhhhh I won’t say who it is