Bachelorette party Marion

bachelorette party “princess tutu pink” Marion

evjf rions bordeaux

Because at this time last year, I was doing the BJS .. While this year I think I won’t do it because of the confinement. Here is a March 2019 bachelorette party princess in full color, tutu and caps !!!

Another nice group of miss all the prettier than the other with their black dress code ^^ But surprise … here comes all the other accessories ahahahah !!! Pink tutu for each, bridal team ribbons and of course a tiara with veil for our beautiful Marion. The other ladies will appear later with a pretty fuchsia pink cap …

The sky being very stormy and the rain threatening us on this beautiful hillside of Rions at the Domaine La Bastane, we decide to quickly take some fun photos outside !!!! So here we are all gathered on the porch! The girls are extremely jovial and it is very easy to photograph them !!!! Marion connects without difficulty the princess poses;)
Good OK I admit that with 9 girls, I never managed to synchronize them so that they all jump at the same time;) So, we opted instead to throw caps;)

How about we go inside this beautiful princess castle?

I give the miss the choice to find their favorite piece !!! So here we are in the living room around a glass of champagne;) But the euphoria and the fun come back quickly and suddenly we are in this beautiful fox room for a pillow fight;) I told you these young people women are funny and bubbly ^^

I let you discover this joyful bunch of mischievous young women. Thanks Jennifer for her contact and the La Bastane area for her kindness and for allowing us to navigate freely throughout the area 🙂