Pregnancy Cecile

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“red” Pregnancy Cécile

Here we are today with a “red” pregnancy with Cecile. A long time acquaintance who has had the opportunity to touch me in the past …

So here I am lost today in Cadaujac for indoor photos and at the source of Caudalie for the rest of the shooting. Knowing that considering the beautiful storm that was coming we quickly made the pictures out first;)

My three models of the day were so comfortable instantly that the session was fast and effective!
My choice quickly focused on my red veiled dress. And chance has it that Cecile also had earrings and a red manicure;) I told you! A perfect shooting hihihi
Even the little goldfish in the water ditch played the game to get right in front of the photo … What? It’s thanks to Paco who followed them ???? But who told you that, it’s not even true at first 🙂 🙂 OK OK I admit future daddy and big brother gave me a little helping hand to achieve this but shhh you must never give his secrets 😉
I present you here only my beautiful Cécile and the little goldfish, the son and the spouse of this one not wishing to appear;)