Prepare new born session

Some advice to prepare well upstream his new born session

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Before anything else, CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

And yes, the most wonderful of the experiences has just arrived, and how we say it all, ” ohhhh no he grows up too fast!!!! ” That is why you shouldn’t forget to immortalize every important life’s moment by photos! And I am always very impatient to meet your small end so that we created together wonderful memories.

Some advice :

  • First of all, it is necessary to know that the ideal age for new born photos is between the 6th and the 12th day After his birth. So why? And well because for this short period, your baby crosses long periods put to sleep and still in memory physiological guard his foetal position (which interests us mainly for this type of photos!). Furthermore, baby is not hampered by ebb or stomach pain yet …
  • Try of keep awake baby 1 in 2h before the photography session
  • You can give him(her) a bath to relax baby just before the session
  • Try of schedule the last sucking or the last feeding-bottle in the beginning of session. Know that baby can be brought to eat more or earlier than usually because he is going to be on requested during the session
  • Put clothes light and easy to remove to baby without passage by the head
  • Plan an identical held for all the family
  • Don’t hesitate to propose any object which means a lot to you (security blanket, small shoes, object symbolizing your passion)
  • Plan nothing just after the session because a session birth can last 2 at 4 am following your baby.
  • Warm the room where will be made the session enter 26° and 29° (Room with window or plate glass window because 100 % of photos are made in diffuse natural light)
  • The sessions are generally made in the morning in your place of residence
  • Plan security blanket and pacifier because even if baby never uses it or not still with you, he may accept i just for the session because his need for suction is very important especially when it is manipulated

You can now see my rates (be careful if baby is over 3 months –> here). Check out more pictures on my gallery or on my blog.

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