Pregnancy Benedicte

grossesse tatouages


A pretty encounter in one of my previous marriages … You do not know but the beautiful caught bouquet was Bénédicte;)
We find her today for a beautiful shooting pregnancy “nature” with the program hazel, dog too cabbage, ladybug and tattoos.

It is with great pleasure that I learned this long-awaited pregnancy!
A pregnancy journey is never obvious but what a joy to see this beautiful round belly!

Here I am at the home of my future parents.
After choosing a first maternity dress here we are in the middle of plantations of hazel!
With a beautiful tulle skirt, here are the couple pictures taken in front of their bay window;)
We will go through photos with their cute little bitch and a ladybug who dared to hit the incrust on a photo;)
And we will end by highlighting some of Benedicte’s tattoos.

To all my future tattooed moms, don’t hesitate I love to play my goal to highlight pregnancy and tattoos;)