Pregnancy Emilie

family box grossesse

Pregnancy “dance” Emilie

Pregnancy, dance, here are the 2 words that are associated today in this session 🙂

This is a pretty family close to my studio. Basically we had planned a bucolic session at the edge of the Lateral Canal of the Garonne … Followed by some pictures at the Moulin de Piis … Unfortunately Emilie had to stay lying down, we had to wait to do the session (under the agreement of her doctor!).

So here we are at my studio for an improvised session on the theme of dance.
And you will see that everyone is caught playing!
What luck to have several tutus proposed among my maternity clothes !!!

The box being on the spot, what better than a complement of session with a family box !!!! And be careful there is a big challenge!
Because the future dad did not hesitate a second to test the strength of the box by making acrobatic figures inside.

And you also understand now why I ask you to bring identical outfits.
It makes so good in the box!
And even for family photos, couples or other, it makes just too good;) I really like when your hobbies are in the spotlight, do not hesitate to ask me outfits or accessories <3 <3