Phototherapy shoot by the boudoir

phototherapie langon

Phototherapy – boudoir – women portrait

Because sometimes certain tests will make you lose confidence and you want to regain that confidence again … Why not try phototherapy?

I present to you Angélique, a very charismatic little woman with lots of character. And it is thanks to this that she dared to call me so that I can help her overcome her lack of self-confidence.

And yes it is never very easy to take the plunge … But it is sometimes necessary to do it to take a new step. This type of phototherapy shoot – boudoir requires a lot of upstream work on the part of the model.

Indeed, she will have to precisely explain her complexes to me, that she will know how to verbalize what she considers to be her physical qualities. Then, after long conversations, she will have to send me “borderline” photos. That is to say that she thinks impractical due to her lack of self-confidence …

I will also ask her for a job of researching clothes in her closets or other … Clothes she likes, in which she feels beautiful etc … And I will also impose clothes on her to bring;)

D-Day shooting

And of course in order to respect her rhythm, she will tell me when she is ready to shoot. It is she who will fix the date;) Of course in this specific case no time constraints, we go to the rhythm of Angelique, we share a coffee, we start quietly with zones of confidence …. And finally Angélique has knew how to overcome many things as long as she did not meet her reflection in the mirror … obstacle that she could not overcome until the end of the session but that I did not impose on her … Because her body attitude and even her look changed in the presence of this intruder … I let you discover this beautiful young woman !!!!