New born

My birth / new born reports

And now, you have just experienced one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life ! Baby is just so amazing but it will change so fast ! It is therefore essential to keep memories of its boiling of its first days ! For this reason, birth sessions are usually performed between the 6th and 12th day after birth.
Why so early ? Well, because baby still has the memory of his fetal position (very photogenic) and that he spends a good part of his day sleeping. Small redness and colic haven’t appeared yet !

If you have passed the 3 months of baby, don’t panic ! Everything is feasible and I will be happy to make snapshots, the rates will be different : see my child and family rates instead of newborn rates .

nouveau né photos

How is a new born / birth session ?

Most importantly, the environment is prepared for the session. For that I invite you to read the preparation tips (of your house, of you, of baby!)
Most of the time I start with clichés with big brothers and big sisters like that they can go to play next. It also allows Mom to prepare quietly. After a few small pictures of baby, I will take soft shots with dad and mom (alone and together). Then if baby wants it, and yes it is he who decides the whole session because nothing can be imposed … in this case we will make more posed baby photos (with rugby ball, motorcycle helmet or any other accessory that you may like). The birth sessions are only at your home except in exceptional cases.

And who knows, maybe baby will melt daddy’s heart and that will ask mom to marry! What a great story! Unless baby 2 is pointing faster than expected, in this case find my pregnancy reports. Being a mom is the most beautiful thing that can happen, but being a woman is just as important. Come and discover the universe of the glamorous boudoir!