Léna – 7 days

bébé photo fleur rose


Who says mom cannon said baby too much!

Here is the little Lena, 7 days. An incredibly adorable little lady who did not move the whole session … The foot what!

You will find her accompanied by her big brother who was willing to play (but not too long anyway, do not exaggerate). Then, in the arms of his mother (and yes girls, I know a week after giving birth, she has a flat stomach … sniff). Will follow a session with his dad. For the little anecdote, hard to make dad smile, obviously Lena had made a great gift that did not really feel the rose;)

We continued with staged in the colors of the room of this young lady. You now understand why I ask you a lot of questions about your decoration upstream;) And know that the decoration of the room of the small chip was carried out by his mother. You can find his work on his Facebook page Mandou’s workshop.

Find the pregnancy session of his mother Amandine here.